The new map of the world, and Alpha class phalanx details for Das Tal

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Fairy brewery has announced for the upcoming sandbox MMORPG Das Tal around a new map of the world, we introduced details phalanx classes and Alpha test for the upcoming summer activities exciting details of the new information. Developers today confirmed Das Tal summer Alpha testing activities will be held July 16, hosted a two-week, one carried out in Europe server. Unlike conventional alpha chance event Das Tal summer activities promises a wider window, allowing the player to jump, play fairy will grant winery Alpha entered Wednesday until June 15 to all registered players. After that date, registration does not guarantee access, but it may still be available.

Das Tal burst onto the scene with a unique combination of MOBA style fighting mechanics and immersive sandbox game in the MMO genre made popular greatest champion. Developers hope to introduce and evolving game world, and skill-based combat system environment meaningful conflict.

Das Tal has a full open world PvP whole lot of machinery, controversy accidental injury mechanics, all skills are aimed at both manual and players must establish settlements and the siege of mechanical ability.

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Rodinia War: Community input integrating the beta client

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Jorum and Jarim found him there some time later, after the snow had tapered off, curled up tightly against the cooling corpse of a once- glorious animal brimming with life and energy. As the elder man bent to pick him up, Arthas cried out with pain.

Additional software soft announced Rodinia war is ready to begin public testing of the beta phase, thanks to the fantastic community input in the development process of the game. Rodinia War gives players the flexibility to play the part of the 3D quality of the experience, while others, more strategic in nature, can be played in 2D mode.

Rodinia war is in a unique combination of seamless MMORPG 2D and 3D action strategy game, playable for free either in the browser or download client. Players find their home, and build a strong empire through alliances or conquer their enemies city. However, the castle is not only their players rest, to watch from the sidelines of the war, but support part of that strategy, in their efforts to complete the task, and knights fighting with their enemies in a huge, open 3D world. Attract and train knight hero class, one of the five is a key factor of the game. Experienced players will also be the knight of the kingdom useful because the general peace in time of war or governor.

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Lodge: TCG fit Lodge duel, soft start

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He shrank back from the animal, covering his ears and closing his eyes, sobbing so that his whole body shook. With the storm, he could never find a healer before Invincible either died of his injuries or froze to death. Arthas wasn’t even sure he could find the Balnir homestead, even though it could not be far. The world was white, everywhere save where the dying horse, who had trusted him enough to leap off an icy embankment, lay churning up a steaming crimson pool.

Rocky fans will want to check out the new mobile TCG, Madge duel, there are finally ready iOS and Android devices worldwide launch of a soft start in several countries.

With a focus on strategy game duel Lodge offers players new trading card genre to pick it up and get the sustained and rapid capacity. But the game also allows more experienced players, constantly fine-tuning his game plan and tactics, because they take their friends and other players worldwide. Some of these include soft-start function include:

1st generation Farkka Excellency: a large number of single-player campaign, filled with colorful fantasy world of stories and exit cards, casting elves, goblins, soldiers and witches.
Player vs. Player (PVP) Arena: Players enjoy real-time PvP battle, and participate in various PvP events.
True card transaction: the player trading cards through its own soul link the system to other players

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Warhammer 40K: Dark Arena Nexus Alpha impression

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In the past few years, it is not surprising to hear that, and MOBA / arts game has been added to this genre of games has been a big list. Most of the time, these games try to simply emulate different skin game games success as the Dota 2 Heroes Alliance. In the past year, we have seen the result of crashes and burns harder than Warcraft copy days. However, sometimes you get a new game, try to stand out from other regions; dark Nexus Arena is one of those games.

I never word MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), because I do not think that speaks in such Dota 2 League game game fans. Whenever possible, I try these games for the Arts (Action RTS) is a classification created by Valve. However, the term used to describe accurately MOBA dark Nexus arena because the name suggests, it pits players in the arena each other. Game emphasized fighting, destroy enemy buildings farming; you can even just by killing enemy players enough time to win the game.

Used to kill the enemy, pushing waves and damage control of the building is completely different from the traditional game of this genre. When you want to use your mouse to control your character (called veterans in dark Nexus Arena), Veterans Use WASD to control the control. This also results in key skills from traditional QWER to MB1, change MB2, Q and E of this control scheme initially awkward off MOBA games, but it is quite intuitive.

Dark Nexus Arena game greatly improved this control scheme. You feel more in control of veterans, and can use it to outsmart (you can punch dodge incoming skill shot!) And kill your opponent. Nexus arena in the dark every attack is a skill shot. Click Free kill the target will not be found here. You have to position yourself as an attack and avoid enemy harm the land. With the game and control the result, the game is always action packed. No farming and avoid fighting very stressed. However, this may, over time, because these types of games are always evolving. Who knows, maybe at some point split push farming will be favored. I’ve won the game Alpha, I just AFK breeding the whole game, then mowed down enemies, my high level and projects.

The project system follows a simple tree structure damage, spells, and as a root cause of health.

As part of the Warhammer 40K universe, veterans will be familiar to fans of the series. Like Heroes of the Storm Blizzard attract fans, dark Nexus arena will attract fans of Warhammer 40K game just because it features Warhammer 40K. I personally do not know much about the Warhammer 40K series, but a friend of fuel, and when I showed it to him, and point out its connection to play the game. He always asks about the new veterans, it will come out, and the quote character and competition in the future Warhammer 40K. I wish I knew more franchises, but it is clear that genre fans will look forward to the dark Nexus Arena.

Overall, the veterans in the dark Nexus arena is very interesting and fun. There are a bunch of different veterans choose from with more to follow. You do not just boring Click cast; dark Nexus arena has provided some interesting skills, such as riding the explosive impact of the players led the Rockets. I look forward to more of these interesting capabilities, rather than a general fantasy swill MOBAs are saturated with.

Despite controlling the game, and veterans of the game’s design is very suitable α, the user interface needs improvement. I can not say too much negative things to the game interface is still in alpha stage, but the user interface is not acceptable in any stage of development. It is not intuitive feeling, sometimes feels laggy, and confuses new players. In MOBA / genre it is quite scary to enter the new players and the user interface will not help to guide new players into the game. When you first load, you do not go to learn a lot about the game and its objectives. Either you are forced to just jump into the game, learning from experience or resort to external resources, such as the game’s website.

User interface should welcome new players and guide them into the game. As a start, the player should be able to be easily provided by veterans and their capacity, but also understand the game controls and objectives. I’m sure the developers will meet these requirements, as the development of the game, because we are some of the overhaul of the UI.

Even in uninviting and intuitive user interface, I was still able to pick up the game’s overall goal, as time goes by. 4 teams play against each other aiming to reach 100 points. These points are awarded to kill the player, push minions waves destroyed buildings. Because of this system, you are not forced to destroy the enemy base, or even the end of the game without touching the building. This system is very interesting, to ensure that the game is always packed with action.

As F2P, the game seems to rely on the income generated by the purchase of cosmetic products. It was great to see, I hope the project continues to pay just cosmetic, the players do not give any advantages than others. I hate to start a game, looking forward to try some classes / hero, re-learning, I must be unlocked through extensive grinding or pull out my wallet. Games such as the Dota 2 and TF2 displayed once again in cosmetics are enough to make your game is good, sustainable revenue.

Conclusion: show enormous potential as a unique MOBA game.

In short, the dark Nexus stadium enormous potential. In the test of the game in this article, I spent most of my time playing with a group of friends. I have received positive feedback from everyone, they all agreed that the game could be quite interesting after the alpha and beta phases play. Now we wait for the official release of the game will have extra polishing and optimization hope.

The game is fun and action packed. It is relaxing with friends, and take time to rest from the hard-core game might be a good game to play next. I would recommend at least try the game players experience the unique gameplay in a dark place to provide Nexus athletics, but at least wait until the game is fully committed to the judge before the test phase. I was in such a big game feel and play, even in alpha quite surprised; definitely a better game I have played Alpha. Developers are always open to the players, which means that the game should continue to evolve into a better game recommendations. We look forward to the game’s official release!

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In the 1-year-old ancient century in the west. Time to celebrate the game

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For the next two days, Iskar became Viryx’s shadow. He followed her path, observing her every activity. She never returned to the Great Archive. She did, however, spend many hours alone in her roost. Afraid that he would appear suspicious, Iskar did not attempt to spy on her during those times. But he had a good idea what she was doing. From what little he knew of her research, Viryx had been looking into the old king Terokk and the story of his exile.


It has Trion World “free to play MMORPG, ancient in UPS (few) and downs (I), but it is actually here to start the West because the game has been a year, you know what that means! Time for some of the game Celebrations.

The August 25, 2015 and September 15, 2015, players log on to ArcehAge receive two admission notice in their mailboxes: Opportunities and random daily tasks anniversary love trees. Are these procedures? Here is the official news:

Anniversary: ​​the day’s task, will receive awesome prizes (such as anniversaries hats and Hellkissed weapons) anniversaries ghost token exchange machine switches anniversary token Island.
Anniversary Love tree sapling: When planting in public land or personal property, a tree that grows into a tree anniversary 30 minutes. Harvest it up to 3 times a day, and get the anniversary love me, can contain any of loyalty tokens senior Syrian red charm! Tree will expire in 3 hours, so be sure to pay attention to it!
See the official announcement, do not forget to transfer the registration server, if you want, you can with the upcoming server.

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Pillars of Eternity The White March Expansion

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Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive have announced that “The White March – Part I,” the first expansion to Pillars of Eternity, will be released on August 25, 2015. “The White March – Part I,” revealed during E3 2015, adds a tremendous amount of new content to the Pillars of Eternity universe, and can be played alongside the original game whether players have completed the core game or not. The expansion offers a higher level cap, artifacts, new companions, new abilities, and a new realm to explore along with an expertly crafted story from Carrie Patel, author of the Recoletta series and writer on the original Pillars of Eternity, and Eric Fenstermaker, lead writer on Pillars of Eternity and one of the co-writers of South Park: The Stick of Truth alongside show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Pillars of Eternity now ventures into new parts of Eora in its first expansion, “The White March – Part I,” including a selection of snow themed environments inspired by Icewind Dale. The White March – Part I offers new features for first-time players and veterans alike, including new rogue and monk companions, a party-based AI system, multi-class abilities, and many new challenges to conquer.


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Link Dead Radio: Personality and Priorities

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Welcome back virtual peeps to another exciting episode where I steal – I mean link to some of the best the blogging round-table have dreamed up and then penned down for your perusal.

Many interesting discussions have been started over the week from thoughts about the ways we prioritise our gaming, and life as well as the personalities, or masks we inhabit during our play.

Gaming Conversations carries on with conversation about the ways we, as gamers often prioritise activities, and how certain things can be forgotten, left behind or abandoned because of our habits

Gaming SF is annoyed by how certain unneeded gameplay elements can obstruct story progression

LFGryph believes The Secret World, with i’s mix and availability of different mission is an mmo that has done dailies right

Game Introspection looks at the difference between presented narratives, and just being present and the ways these mechanically change but also change your experience.

MMO Gypsy muses about the masks we wear online and which may be representative of the self. OOO… and check out her explorer posts

Blessing of Kings looks at the interesting case in SWToR people circumventing the ftp transaction barriers through the use of Personal Player Bankers. I’m wonder what other kinds of services players would be able to function as in mmo’s, and how his would enrich or ruin the experience.

And lastly a great post by Digital Initiative that also analyses the future of the mmo genre but through it’s rigidity, and the eventually change away from it’s key tenets.


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